Telltale And Minecraft?!

  So a few days ago Telltale announced that they were going to make a story based game of Minecraft. If you didn’t know Telltale is a gaming company that makes stort based games that progress as you make choices. They are also famous for making story based games of The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and The Wolf Among Us. 

 The thing about Minecraft is that it doesn’t really have a story and it doesn’t have an ending. (except when you kill the ender dragon you win the game)

Telltale has made awesome games so far that make us both happy and sad. Especially sad considering The Game of Thrones episode endings. 

 But as much as I’d like for a good game I think that this will be a game that 9 year old kids will play.

What are your ideas on a Minecraft Telltale series? Right in the comments below!

Plague Inc: IOS

  This game is awesome! This game is addicting until you rage quit on your 7th try to beat Nano Virus on brutal.

The game starts in present time. You start as a small plague in the country you start in infecting 1 person.


  The start off the game slowly and your plague starts infecting other people. Your plague isn’t discovered at first but you can’t kill either.

You gain DNA POINTS as you infect people or by clicking on the bubbles. You can use your dna points to upgrade (or downgrade if in virus) your plague.

If the scientists find a cure for the plague before you destroy the world you lose.

The nano virus plague was really hard for me. Because you start off detected and the people try to look for the cure at the beginning.

If your plague destroys the whole world you win.

Also the news at the top are really funny.


  A whole world map, wow!!!


Gameplay: 7.5

Graphics: 5.0

Online: N/A

Replay Value: 8.0

Rating: 6.8

Tropico 5 

So this game came out a few years ago but I decided to review it!


The game has fantastic graphics. I mean really it is fascinating. The environment is great and if you build a nice city you will be impressed by your abilities of city management.

The music is good and it really fits the game. It’s soundtrack contains many songs from many island nations.


You start as a colony of Brittian and as you improve your nation you have an opportunity to gain independence. They invade you and if you win you advance to the next era.

The game progresses as you invent technologies and build some buildings. 

Each era has powerful nations for you to ally yourself with.

The coups and rebellions are stronger than they should be and the elections are actually really hard to win. 

Overall I would give this game:

Multiplayer: 7/10

Gameplay: 8/10

Design: 10/10 

Overall: 8.3/10


IOS FRIDAYS: New Star Soccer


Before I start this review I wanted to announce IOS FRIDAYS.
I will be reviewing an IOS game every week on Friday.
So here is my first review.

New Star Soccer is an indie game about soccer. You start as a 16 year old soccer player who is starting his soccer career. You play for years and when you are satisfied with your career you can retire.

The gameplay is really food.  As your
star rating improves the game gets harder. The defenders start moving and then wind starts to mess with your passes and shots.
You also need to improve your stats so you can play better and become a better player. Also for a boost you can buy a boot which will make you play better for some time.
As your lifestyle improves you can have a girlfriend which will give your character happiness.
You can become the team captain and also play for your national team.
There are also sponsors that will pay you money.
The offside system needs a little polishing.

The graphics aren’t good.

Bad Things About The Game
The leagues need correction. I noticed that in the Turkish League there is a team called Ankaragücü (You might see it as AnkaraG or something similar) well this team is at the best league in the game but right now they are in the 3rd league.
Becoming the worlds best player is really hard and I was able to do it only once become you need a season average of 10.0 and that is really hard. You play bad one game and you have to reload it and play again.

I would give this game 8.5/10


Bloodborne was a game with a lot of hype and I wondered if the game was able to live up to the hype. So here is what I think.
The game had really good graphics, obviously! The gameplay was great as well and the compat system was fast and exciting. The weapons were well balanced and there weren’t over powered weapons. (right?)
The bad things were that there were so few weapons and spells. Especially the weapons. I mean there were so few weapons!!! Also there weren’t any equipment drops from enemies which was really frustrating.
But it was a good game and I would give it a 9/10
By the way did I tell you how few weapons there were 🙂

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Payday 2

Bam!!! Hands up in the air! Don’t try to be a hero!! Give me the money!!! The cops are here, RUN!

So Steam gave everyone a free 2 day trial on Payday 2 and I thought I would review it. So the graphics are pretty good and the gameplay is awesome. The customizations are good and the skill tree makes the game more unique. And the thing is that when you play the older missions you can still unlock some new upgrades as well which makes you want to play more and more of the game.

But the thing with this game is that the AI is really bad I mean really bad. I’m dying here but you know you could not help me, or the thing that we need to pick up is right there but you can run by it and not pick it up…

Playing harder missions isn’t rewarding as I hoped it would be. You try very hard and you don’t get more money than the normal missions.

The game is pretty good and I want to play more of it, sadly I only have 5 hours of free gameplay left.

images-1 images

Five Nights at Freddy’s 4

So I played all 4 of the games and when you play all 4 games it just doesn’t scare you.

They say that this one was the scariest of all 4 and they say that the animatronics don’t do the same jump scares over and over again but I wish that we had that feature at the first or second game.

I really liked the game and to be honest it did scare me a few times but when you know what’s coming you’re just prepared for it. This game didn’t scare me as I wish it did.

But I really liked the running from door to door idea. It was a silly that the security guard couldn’t run or hide and I’m very happy that they added it to the game.

If you are a first time player of Five Nights at Freddy’s you can buy it (but I would recommend the first or second game) but if you have played Five Nights at Freddy’s before I don’t think there is a reason for you to but this one.


ARK: Survival Evolved

I know this game isn’t fully released yet and these are my current ideas about the game.

The first thing that came to my mind was that this looked like Minecraft with better graphics. So I started playing it. I soon noticed that this was a little harder then Minecraft but was more unique as well. I mean you can ride a dinosaur!

But this game is still a little buggy. The dinosaur I was trying to tame got stuck in a mountain but thinking that this is pre-release it is pretty good.

I recommend that you try it but just wait for the release because it might not be worth your money.


Assassins Creed Syndicate

When you look at YouTube you see a lot of E3 gameplay videos. I watched a few of the Assassins Creed Syndicate gameplay videos and I was impressed.

The gameplay looked nice and it seemed to work smoothly but then I remembered the E3 gameplay videos of Assassins Creed Unity. That was when I got sad. The ACU was supposed to be a massive success but all we got was a bad story and a laggy gameplay.

I’m not saying that ACS is going to be bad, but I hope that they don’t do the same mistake as ACU. They should work on the story and gameplay rather then the graphics because the graphics don’t mean anything if you can’t play the game. I am still excited for ACS and I will play it. So let’s hope it is good!

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Crusader Kings II

So I started playing this game a little late but I really liked it so I spent a lot of hours playing this game.

I have most of the dlc content and so far my favorite was the Old Gods dlc. The reason I really liked it was that you got to play as the pagans in Scandinavia and Asia. When you play as them you can raid the feudal lords in Europe and pillage their lands. When you play as the Old Gods you can be even richer then the merchant republics.

The dlc that I didn’t like was the Rajas of India dlc. The reason I didn’t like it was because the Indians in the game are really peaceful and they don’t fight each other very often and that is not my playing style. There was also a problem with the game where Indians couldn’t subjugate each other but I think they fixed that.

So yeah I recommend the game and I hope you people like the game as well.